How to Write a Bill for the United States Congress

Most people know that the U.S. Congress passes laws for the nation. However, not everyone realizes that anybody may write proposed legislation, in the hope of having it become law. This is a lengthy process that requires a great deal of research, dedication and effort. You also need to generate public support and, ultimately, get one of your Congressional representatives to accept the bill that you have written and introduce it to Congress. 

Determining the Need for a New Law 


1. Look for a national need


2. Determine the needs of your local constituents.


3. Select a topic that you are passionate about.

Researching the Issue 


1. Gather data about the topic.


2. Speak with community members.

3. Use social media to gather public opinions.

4. Talk with legislators


5. Study current bills on similar topics.

Drafting the Bill 

1. Identify your bill by a strong title.

2. Provide an introduction that states the purpose of your bill. 

3. Explain the bill’s eligibility or exceptions. 


4. Provide definitions. 

5. State the rules and other provisions.

6. Provide the bill’s effective date.

7. Address issues of funding.

Getting Your Bill into Congress 

1. Contact your Congressional representative.

2. Present the need for your bill.


3. Be prepared for a long wait. 

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